TIFFANY: It's sad when we have to take our Christmas down. All the fun of presents & parties with family & friends. But more importantly teaching our children “it’s better to give then to receive.”  Well, it’s no longer sad in our home, we’ve had our heartstockings now for several years & as soon as Christmas is down my daughter grabs the hearts & puts them up. We place them on our banister & we can continue teaching our children the importance of giving. My children get excited to see what’s in their stocking & it goes on everyday, sometimes several times a day. I’m so thankful that these “heartstockings” have become a tradition of love in our home.

GRACI: Growing up my mom always made every holiday so eventful and exciting for us kids. My friends would ask what the hearts were that were hanging on our railing and thought it was so cool when I’d tell them about it! It’s a tradition most people have never heard of, but one I believe everyone should start. It is something exciting to look forward to in the dead winter after Christmas excitement was over. The gifts in our stockings each morning were never huge, but so thoughtful and fun! And the love notes were what really made them memorable. I am so grateful to have such a fun tradition to continue with my children and pass on for generations!

SUZANNA: We absolutely love the heart stockings! Of course our children look so forward to putting up Christmas decorations and the whole month of celebrating and the excitement that comes with it—then when it’s over, it’s such a let down and the kids are sad when we take down our tree and their stockings. Well around January 28th, I bring up the valentine box and my kids each year say—oh yeah the Valentine heart stockings!! They help me hang them on the stair case for all to see! They are so cute as a decoration for Valentines—the best part is my kids can’t wait to write letters each night to one another. This is such a fun tradition for our family! We love the whole meaning behind the Heart Stockings—my kids love to serve and share their love for each other on little notes. They look in them each day and I love how appreciative and grateful they are for what they were given from their brother or sister.